Filter Fans for electrical panels

wall-mounted or roof-mounted fan draws in cold ambient air or exhausts warm air from the electrical panel. They provide simple and economical heat dissipation and offer a compact and efficient solution.

They are recommended if:

  • the outside air has a lower temperature value than the inside air (approx. ΔT=10°C)
  • a low cooling capacity is required
  • little maintenance is required
  • the ambient air is not excessively oily or dusty
  • outside air and humidity can enter the cabinet


Devices for temperature control of cabinets, DIN rail mounted.

TMF (blue adjusting screw) = with normally open contact. It can be used to signal temperature alarms or to control ventilation systems.

TMC (red adjusting screw) = with normally closed contact. It can be used both as an alarm signal and to control heating or anti-condensation resistors.

TEM = to be electrically powered, it differs from the previous ones ones as it has exchange contacts, a very low intervention differential or hysteresis


They are useful to avoid too low temperatures or excessive condensation in the cabinet.
The heaters are made entirely of aluminium for maximum heat transmission and use PTC heating elements.
The heaters must be combined with a thermostat or hygrostat. The heaters are suitable for installation on 35mm DIN bars. TH heaters are equipped with a fan.

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